Thursday, 5 July 2012

the thread that had to be stopped

here's the thread that had to be stopped at spiritual

My posts were deleted, I was banned, and the thread was moved. I was eventually let back in and posted screenshots of the deleted posts at page 4; you be the judge.

Dry Well

You think you need to understand to see. Understand WHAT? You think if you get your head far enough UP your ASS you will see sunshine? WRONG.

You need to SEE, to understand. Seeing is believing because when you see, you KNOW. Then you believe.

As long as you believe without SEEING, you just let yourself be conned. You will never understand.

You think understanding will help you to see? You invent half-baked systems of knowledge and emotional yardsticks to determine if you are making PROGRESS. JOKE!

Progress is a LIE based on a linear "understanding" of existence that is not the result of SEEING but of believing. In a linear "understanding" of "existence," you are going to die, and all progress is - guess what? DECAY!

Spiritual progress is a mystical oxy-MORON and the mystical moron is you. You believe in something you have never seen because it does not exist except through your idiot belief.

I cannot set you free. You're the only idiot here who can draw back the curtain and see what's behind it. But I can help you to SEE the curtain: the same way everything can help you to see, by mirroring your phony baloney beliefs back at you, and revealing the tears and tatters of your leprous & crab-ridden "understanding" - until you see that the cloak you hide behind doesn't hide your ugly mug, the house you take shelter in doesn't keep you dry, the ground you stand on doesn't support you, and that you are well and truly FUCKED, from your balls (or ovaries, let's not be sexist) to your bones.

Then, when you fall on your knees and cry "FUCKIN' WHY??" to the sky, I will drag you to your feet and TELL you why. Because you are finally starting to SEE.

Sucks, don't it? And everything is up after that. You have reached the bottom of the dry well you call "spirituality."

Now cry Halle-fucking-lujah.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


What can you expect at this blog?








The medium is the message.

When Harry stops cussing, Harry will have nothing to say.

“Real thinking is invariably destructive and pain-causing.” (Our Lord Jed)

Each of you has a “FUCK YOU” festering inside. You keep it there and then you let it out with whoever you feel SAFE enough to show your bile to. Usually that’s your “near and dear ones,” those poor, useless, well-meaning saps who let you get close enough to VOMIT ALL OVER THEM.

You are a WIMP, A COWARD, & A BULLY. There’s a REAL “enemy” out there, and in here, and if you want to wield the sword of your WRATH wisely and justly, you better get to know it like your own SKIN.

The purpose of this blog is not creative. It’s DESTRUCTIVE. It is for spiritual seekers who are finding out how strong a stomach they need to keep up the search. Why? Because the STENCH OF RATS underneath the floorboards of the Gompa is distracting them from their mantras, and the real Burning Question is slowly becoming: “Can I make it to the bathroom before I THROW UP?!”

We are filled up with spiritual beliefs, ideas, concepts, and convictions. We have gurus, archons, ancestors and spirit guides. Do you have the guts to see the shit-stains on their shorts and sniff them for yourselves to see how badly you have been CONNED? All I am claiming here is a reasonably high level of disillusionment, dig?

The function of thought is NEGATIVE, not positive. You will need a healthy supply of VITRIOL to burn through the silken robes or the hemp rags of your delusions. Logic well-applied will TAKE from you, not give. Anytime I spout unfounded conceptual BS posing as higher knowledge, I expect be be CALLED ON MY BULLSHIT and suitably CHASTISED.

This isn’t a recycling center. If you want to sift through the trash-heap of spirituality at which you have unwittingly been feeding, whatever you find that has no actual function and value in our day-to-day existences—WILL GET BURNED. And the enemy will know you have been here by the columns of black smoke trailing behind you.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Harry's Last Post at the "Jed McKenna" forum:

If you are of the opinion that

a) this forum is run by the real Jed McKenna (author of the books); or

b) it doesn’t matter anyway, because there is no “real” JM, no you and no me coz ALL IS ONE, and bla bla la-di-da, you know how the song goes

— then don’t bother pulling your head out of your ASS to read the rest of this post, because this post, which will be my last at this forum, is only for people, like me, who dig Jed McKenna’s books and who were shocked and disgusted to discover that a whole lot of other people who dig Jed Mckenna can’t even TELL THE DIFFERENCE between Jed McKenna and a big, fat, vapid CON JOB. Instead of like-minds we found  minds so deeply entrenched in narcissistic fantasy, self-denial, and half-baked spiritual philosophies to rationalize their stupidity that talking with them made us want to THROW UP AND NOT STOP THROWING UP until every last vestige of them was gone from our system FOREVER!

Yeah? Is anyone still reading this?

My guess is that those spiritual suckers, who can’t tell the difference between gold dust and a week-old piece of snot, are so FUCKING RETARDED (hey, my apologies to retards, coz I KNOW for a FACT you are a lot brighter than the dingbats of whom I speak) that, get this, this is what I reckon: they probably think it doesn’t make any difference if the person who wrote JM’s books is actually enlightened or not! AM I RIGHT??

This post is for anyone here WHO DOES CARE, who is sick to DEATH with the monolithic, all-pervasive conspiracy of treacle-filled BULLCRAP holding the “spiritual” marketplace together like a dead fly trapped in amber-like snot masquerading as a gem— as exemplified by THIS FORUM. My question to you is: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE? This NOT Jed McKenna’s site, you know it and I know it, so for FUCK’S SAKE, take some RESPONSIBILITY  and withdraw your implicit support from this patent masquerade-fiasco and find, or CREATE, a better, more creative, iconoclastic space for people like us to face the music and dance in!! A place the real “Jed” might actually be able to show his face in without barfing himself to death.

I encourage you, for the sake of whatever remains of your self-respect, to get your asses out of here and over to MY BLOG. Consider it a halfway house out of the treacle pit honey pot you fell into while you were looking for real flowers in a field of dead wheat.

I can’t offer much but at least I’m not claiming to be enlightened, and I'm not claiming to be Jed McKenna or anyone else (except Harry Duran). I AM claiming to have grokked the books and their message a THOUSAND TIMES better than Jedbot here or most of the pathetic wanna-be’s hanging around for a dried flake from his butt crack. And I am SICK AND TIRED of having to wrestle with these puny spiritual lightweights and their pretty vacant no-logic logic bullshit. I want to engage with REAL men and REAL women who are interested in REAL change.

OK, so this is probably (given the circumstances) a desperate and pathetic appeal, since there’s probably not a real man or woman reading this with the tits or balls, energy or initiative, to pull themselves out of the putrid flytrap and accept my invite. But, what the fuck. Like the man said, “At least I tried, damn it.”

Here’s a bit more about ME before you make up your “minds”:

1) I’m not here to fuck anyone around. Whatever I say is gonna come from my gut and though I will play games with your heads, if you let me, and I WILL ENJOY it, I’m actually not here to SHIT you.

2) I don’t have time and I don’t give enough of a crap to bone up on anyone’s personal story. I’m here to GET YOUR ATTENTION so together we can take a better look at the seething morass of the spiritual market place and see if we can find the flowers in all that shit.

3) If I piss you off, I won’t care, and you CAN’T piss me off because I am already more high strung than a sack full of cats in heat at midnight on a full moon. GOT IT?

4) The bottom line of Harry D is that I have HAD IT with the spiritual bullshit path, but I AIN'T GONNA QUIT TILL EVERY ONE OF YOU HOPELESS DREAMERS HAS BURNED YOUR FUCKIN’ JOHN & YOKO COLLECTION & HAD IT TOO.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Only Reference Point You Have

What am I willing to do to get enlightened?

What am I NOT willing to do to get enlightened?

What am I willing to give up for my freedom?

What am I NOT willing to give up for my freedom?

Seem like good, basic questions, right?

They SEEM like it. But they’re not. Whether or not I think I am committed to the idea of freedom and enlightenment, and whether or not I really am (which I’m not or I wouldn’t BE here), the problem is that I DON’T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT FREEDOM OR ENLIGHTENMENT.

OK maybe that’s not quite true. Perchance I doth exaggerate. I do know the first thing, and the first thing I know is also the last thing: I know what they’re not. I know because I’M NOT FREE AND I’M NOT ENLIGHTENED. So all I have to do is look in the GODDAMN MIRROR at the SAD FUCK looking back, and I’ve got a pretty good point of reference to work with.

That reference point is all any of us do have. Freedom is what you haven’t got, and enlightened is exactly what YOU are not.

That means everything that I DO have, and everything that I AM, is exactly what has to go.

That’s the logic of it. You know it and I know it, but since the logic of it SUCKS BALLS, I tell myself that maybe there’s a flaw somewhere in there, so I better not burn all my bridges, better to go back to doing SOMETHING to get enlightened instead of ANYTHING, and give up SOMETHING for freedom, instead of EVERYTHING.

What the fuck: I did my bit, right? Maybe I can do what needs to be done, bit by tiny bit, and give up what has to go a little at a time? And maybe even I won’t be OLD, SENILE, AND INFIRM by the time I have found the FUCKING BALLS to just DO WHAT MUST BE DONE AND LET IT ALL BURN DOWN and then PISS ON THE ASHES.

Maybe, right?

Urrrm, what’s on TV, dude? Pass the bong.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Ass Carrot

There’s only one question that means anything on the spiritual path:

When the fuck are you going to give up?

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads, here is a man — whoops wrong script, sorry — listen you fuckers, you screwheads, there IS nothing positive about the spiritual path, at all.

The spiritual path is nothing except finding the balls to put your dick on Jahweh’s chopping altar and stay vewwy vewwy quiet while Isaac’s ceremonial scissors move in for the kill. A blast, huh? Where do I sign up for that - right?

And you are dumb enough to go for that? And you feel superior coz you are dumb enough to go for that?

Your “natural” state is an offense to the Deity. It doesn’t matter how sincere and heartfelt your prayers, or how obsequious your offerings: as long as that offending bit of skin is hanging off your wanger, you are going to get a REJECT stamp on your forehead, Beast-boy, and be banished into the Pit of Fire for all Eternity with nothing but everlasting memories of your failed life of piety. 

OH - right?

God doesn’t dig ego, dude. He wants your essential being to be uncovered, unshrouded, unhooded, so he can get a good look in your squinty little eye (and your eye damn well better be single!) and see just what you are made of. Unless you are made of the same Holy Spirit jism stuff as the One Supreme Sacred Phallus (the standing proud and erect Eye Am That Eye Am), then its prophylactic purgatory for you, my son, and it doesn’t make a fried scrotum hair in Hell’s difference what spiritual porn you are pulling yourself off to to get right with “The Lawd.”

Being a spiritual snob is what spirituality is all about. Every ass-wipe and menstrual rag in the world thinks s/he’s the chosen one or belongs to the chosen few or at least has a shot at joining the 7-Mile High Club. But why not face it: Your life is a series of frustrations and irritations and disappointments which you dress up in the tinsel and tissue paper of spiritual belief so the neighbors won’t guess that you are EXACTLY THE SAME LOST & LONELY SAD-SACK SHIT-EATER AS THEY ARE.

You rack up your paltry little desires and then one by one go through them, like a pig through truffles.


So you gave up heroin and cigarettes, TV shows and candy bars, and nightly girl-on-girl jack-off fests. You replaced all that nasty soul-sucking business with two hour meditathons, organic superfood, and Tantra weekends in Tibet. You are kissing Jesus’ ass all day long and waiting patiently, humbly, and mindfully, to get that promotion you just KNOW is coming your way. Right?

IT’S ALL CARROTS YOU DIMWIT!! All any of that stuff does is keep Eeyore plodding round in circles, while the blinkers of belief fool him into thinking he is going somewhere.

Life is a goddamn tragedy because you don’t have the guts to admit that it’s a cheesy, low-budget, brain-dead comedy, full of lame fart jokes and not enough boob shots, and you are the butt and God is laughing his ASS off at you!

Here’s some spiritual advice for you: take the juiciest and fattest carrot you can find, and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. Then go chase it!

Let your sad little go-nowhere circles get smaller, and you might at least save some energy. And if you ever manage to get your lips around the carrot, Hallelujah: you will finally know exactly where your head is at!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

One Hand Clap

What are you willing to do to get free of the nightmare you call "your life"?

If the answer is anything besides "Anything" - then stay the fuck away from this blog. The octopussy already has you and there's nothing I can say that will make the least bit of difference.

If you want to haggle with the Gods to keep the bits of your worthless illusion of a loser-life then the Gods have already got you by the balls and your heart and mind will follow.

Why? Because if you want to keep ANYTHING of the shit-heap you call your self then you are basically saying that you want to keep EVERYTHING. Why? Because you can't separate the brain from the limbs, and the octopus of your ego has reached its slimy tentacles into every last molecule of you and slimed everything you ever touched.

There's only one thing that works and that's to BURN IT ALL.

If you think positive thinking and asanas are going to purify your Merkaba and get you a place on the Mother Ship then - welcome to your 19,000th Bardo Realm, sucker.

You can click "comment" but all that will show up is the hot stale breath of your spiritual putrefaction, the gaseous emissions of a rotting corpse.

That's not what this space is for. This space is for anyone who is ready to SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

If no one snaps then I guess I am alone in a world of Zombies. Whatever. I'll get to hear to the sound of one hand clapping around my throbbing cock.